About This Blog

“Allons-y, Pamplemousse!” (translation: “Let’s Go, Grapefruit!”) is my random blog about my random adventures. Anyone who knows me knows that I love to travel. If it weren’t for having a steady job and not being filthy rich, I’d travel all the time, all over the world. After all, the world is a pretty big place and there is so much to see and experience! I have had the opportunity to visit a few different places in my life, but I always feel like it’s never enough.

This blog was created in order to archive my experiences somehow, so I can look back and remember. I have a really terrible memory, so I need to write these things down! It’s also a convenient way for my family and friends to keep up with me, too, and hopefully inspire some of them to pack their bags and experience the world, as well!

About Me

My name is Marianne. I’m a Canadian registered nurse who loves to travel, hence this blog. Other interests of mine include anime, playing the piano, baking, kimono collecting, and wasting a significant amount of time on the Internet. I live with an obese female cat named Guss. I do not like grapefruit.


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