Return to Japan: Day 4


The weather forecast today called for rain, rain, and more rain, so today was a quiet, uneventful day. I apologize that this post is going to be boring, so I’ll keep it short.

I had a slow start this morning, especially since we were out late last night. The Austalian friend I’ve made here told me about a nice cafe nearby, so we made plans to have brunch or lunch today, which we didn’t get to until maybe 11:45-ish – just in time for lunch. It’s a small, cute cafe right next to the Kamo River, and they did indeed have delicious food. I had  a BLT sandwich and a caramel milk tea. The sandwich also came with a tiny bit of garlic mashed potatoes and seasoned red cabbage.

After lunch, we had decided to do some souvenir shopping. After all, when it’s raining, it’s best to be indoors if you don’t want to get soaked, so shopping seemed like a good idea. We decided to check out the Kyoto Handicraft Centre, which has a mix of the usual souvenirs, like magnets and books, but also has a nice selection of traditional crafts, like lacquerware and dolls.

We each bought some things, but I wasn’t feeling too well and I had laundry to do, so I made my way back to the hostel. My friend went to where she was staying to drop off her stuff and then met up with me at the hostel. It has a nice sitting area to hang out, eat, and/or have a drink, so it’s an ideal place to talk to people.

And really, that’s about it, haha! We spent our evening just hanging out there and talking about a variety of subjects until I decided to turn in. I have a full day planned for tomorrow…


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