Return to Japan: Day 2


I made up for my lack of sleep overnight and got a solid 8 hours. I took my time getting ready, which was fine because I didn’t have much planned to begin with.

Since I had nothing planned, I decided to check out some of the shopping, starting with Nishiki Market and Teramachi Street Shopping Arcade. I wandered around there, browsing the shops around Teramachi first. I found the store, Chicago, which sells clothing, including used kimono. I did end up buying one kimono because I thought it was cute, haha.

I went through Nishiki Market next. Unfortunately, I didn’t really take pictures because it was cramped and crowded. It was pretty interesting seeing all the types of food and products for sale. I stopped at one restaurant that specialized in mochi and bought an udon bowl with grilled mochi. I’ve eaten mochi before but not grilled. The grilled mochi was amazing – slightly smoky-tasting and crispy in the outside, but still soft and sticky enough in the inside that it feels like a brush with death with every bite (if you don’t know, there are always people every year who die from choking on it).

After Nishiki Market, I realized I wasn’t too far from a used kimono shop someone suggested to me. The ladies there were super sweet and excited when me, a foreigner, actually knew about kimono. They even went out of their way to find kimono I might like when I said I liked the brighter designs. I ended up buying a pink kimono with little camellia flowers.

I stopped at a Starbucks near Kyoto Station to rest my feet since I had been walking for a long time. I bought a cherry blossom and strawberry frappaccino, although I still don’t know what cherry blossom flavour is supposed to taste like. For what it’s worth, my frapp mostly tasted like strawberry.

I then hopped on a train southward to visit one of my favourite places in Kyoto: Fushimi Inari Taisha. I wanted to visit it during the evening, so I arrived around 4:00 pm. The clinb up was still difficult but somehow felt a bit easier than the first time. I even did a small detour, which leads to a small shrine and a bamboo grove. According to the map, the path leads all the way up the mountain, but I chose to turn around to walk the main route with all the tori gates.


Fushimi Inari, including the bamboo grove

I stopped at the look-out point like last time as my feet were really feeling the walking from the rest of the day. I also wanted to stay to see the sunset and see the city lights after dark. I rested and took lots of pictures, then made my way back down at dusk. It quickly got dark as I went, and actually, it was a bit creepy in parts where I was alone. It made for some interesting pictures, although my iPad camera couldn’t quite capture it.

I made my way back to the hostel, stopping quickly at a 7-11 to pick up some food. And that’s it for today’s!


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