Chile Day 10: So, So Sad


Today was a disappointing day. First, today was the day we flew back to Santiago, from where we will fly back home tomorrow, thus signalling the end of our trip. Second, we were scheduled to visit a Magellan penguin colony on our way to the Punta Arenas airport but that trip was unexpectedly cut short.

We woke up around 6:30 a.m. to get ready and pack the rest of our things away. We ate breakfast and then got picked up by another rep from our tour company.

We drove for about three hours into the countryside. Howevever, by the time we reached the entrance to Otway Sound, where the penguin colony is, we found out that the penguins had already migrated away and will not be back until next summer. The penguins have been migrating away earlier than usual due to pollution. Needless to say, we were extremely disappointed.

With nothing else to do, we drove the rest of the way to the airport in Punta Arenas to wait for another three hours for our flight. We whiled away the time grabbing a bite to eat (more terrible and incredibly dry sandwiches), browsing the handful of shops there, and resting. I took the opportunity to take a nap. I seem to have caught whatever bug that made Jess sick, so I have even feeling under the weather all day today. I am hopeful that this illness passes quickly. Usually, if I get hit hard and fast (like this), I recover equally fast. Cross your fingers for me!

Our flight back to Santiago was mostly uneventful. About two hours in, the in-flight movie stopped and the plane started to feel weird; an announcement later made us aware that there had been an issue with the power it it had been fixed. Whew! And as we got into Santiago, there was a fair amount of turbulence. I am not usually a nervous flyer, but I’ll admit to feeling a little anxious near the end of our flight.

We got picked up again at the airport to get driven to our hotel. We had planned to go out for some drinks and dancing near the beginning of our trip, but since I am feeling unwell, I decided to stay behind and rest. With my nose running like a tap and head pounding, the last place I want to be in is a loud and crowded bar, so unfortunately I’m passing up on the fun.

At least I will be well rested (I hope) for tomorrow’s flight back home.

To make up for the disappointing nature of this post, here are some kittens we found in Santiago:


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