Chile Day 2: Wine and Relaxation


Today was an easy day which is probably what we needed after the “go go go” of yesterday.

Jess left early in the morning to join a group tour to Valparaiso, which is supposed to be a nice tourist town on the coast, while Alana and I left in the late morning to do a tour of the Cousino Macul Winery since we wanted to do something wine related in Chile as it is famous for its wine. Perhaps Alana and I will mission it over to Valaparaiso at some point during our trip if we have the time.

Anyway, our winery tour started at 11:00. The winery is supposedly quite old and it has produced many award-winning wines. Unfortunately, the tour was totally in Spanish and we could only pick up the occasional word, so the whole history and process was lost on us. We still got to sample three different types of their wine, though, so this was our favourite part. I usually preferred wine over white, but I actually preferred their white Chardonnay over the two reds they offered for sampling.

Clockwise from top-left: A display of some of Cousino Macul’s award-winning wines. The Cousino Macul’s logo. Me and my sample of red wine (Carménère). Giant wine casks.

The tour was only about an hour or so, so we were out of there at 12:30. We returned to our hotel and found a fast food restaurant nearby, where we ate pretty cheaply, so we bought milkshakes too. They even had a 2-for-1 deal on these new flavours, passion fruit (Alana) and cherimoya (me). They were really delicious and refreshing.

We returned to our hotel since we weren’t really sure what to do with ourselves. That was kind of a mistake since we ended up taking a nap, haha.

Once we woke up, we fixed ourselves up and found a sport cafe nearby, where we sat down, watched some soccer, and had some Chilean beer and food. It was delicious, although I fear our food bills are starting to add up. Chilean prices are a little similar to Canada, maybe a bit cheaper but not by a whole lot.

Our delicious food!

Anyway, that was pretty much our day: low-key and relaxing with good food and a bit of wine.


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